Started at Queen Vic Market very humbly 21 years ago in 1996, we have grown up to be one of Melbourne's most-recognised names among cafes that serve exotic Sri Lankan and Indian food.

As our popularity grows and we go from strength to strength, we extended our arms to the outer suburbs of Melbourne by actively taking part in many a street festival that promote the theme of food. Although our base still remains at the Queen Victoria Market, we can be seen regularly at Federation Square, Nightjar, Lygon Street, Dandenong Market, Werribee Market and other regular events in Melbourne. At street festivals we have adopted a total different concept serving Sri Lanka Street Food which has extremely popular among all Melbournians. Kotthu is the latest addition to our range of food items. Prepared with a grilled mixture of lean Goat/Chicken and vegetables combined with shredded Roti, the popularity of Kotthu lies on the taste, and healthy aspect. We have various Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free products too.

We are proud of the fact that we have been able to introduce some authentic dishes from Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia with specific flavours. Among our dishes Butter Chicken, Devilled Chicken & Goat Curry . Our customers have them that they know these exotic names like words in their own mother tongue. While we promise all our food varieties are gluten free (excludes bread varieties), as a policy we generally serve Aromatic Basmati Rice which even diabetics can enjoy with no effect on their blood sugar levels.

24 November 2017
1 December 2017
8 December 2017
15 December 2017