Light My Fire Melbourne

Light My Fire

The power of scent is an amazing thing. When you head to the front door of someone's house and there is a beautiful smell, you can't help but feel invited in. There is a warmth that will add to any environment. It can make even the most uneventful day feel a little more special, a flame and a crackle from a bamboo wick. It can change your mood.

We are lucky enough to create that warmth, with wax, oils, and a whole lot of love. The process of candlemaking is a lot like cooking - perfecting a recipe until you get it right. Knowing how much to add, how to present it, and having the exact same moment of satisfaction when people enjoy something that you made.

Light My Fire Melbourne is about creating small batch wood wick candles that will bring atmosphere to any event in your life, and look pretty good in your home while we're at it!

24 November 2017
1 December 2017
8 December 2017
15 December 2017