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Dirt is an idea born from a simple epiphany back in 2016 - the household cleaning products we were buying were doing more than helping us stay safe and tidy, they were encouraging us to eliminate all bacteria and germs from our environment, even the good stuff. Maintaining this standard of clean is fairly hard on the environment, and definitely not super for us. We decided that this extreme construct of ‘clean' needed a smoosh in the face.

So we created Dirt, an Australian made laundry detergent.

It's packed with powerful and pure goodness that’s great on your clothes and the environment. The waste from packaging is minimised through a design that also makes doing your laundry easier than ever before.

We're called Dirt so we always remember to embrace lives that are full of natural messy goodness.

24 November 2017
1 December 2017
8 December 2017
15 December 2017