A picture of the Mr Softey Ice Cream van

Mr Softey ice cream

We serve a range of different ice creams, from asian flavours like lychee to middle eastern favourites like pistachio and walnut, and the vegan favorite - peanut butter. And for all the Mr. Whippy lovers we do a special classic soft serve, covered with peanuts and lots of sprinkles.

Curly Spuds

Curly Spuds

We only have one food because it is AMAZING. It's gluten and fructose-free and coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and those following a Halal diet can eat it guilt free! Just like our spuds, our seasonings are hand made and delicious. With over 12 seasonings to choose from, there's a flavour for everyone.

Crepes for Change

Crepes for Change

Crêpes for Change is a social enterprise and Australia's first non-profit food truck that reinvests 100% of the proceeds into eliminating youth homelessness in Australia. We serve hand-crafted artisan French crêpes made with love. Each crêpe is available with a base topping such as Nutella or salted caramel, and can be augmented by adding extras such as fresh strawberries or TimTams.

A picture of the food from T-Rex Bar-B-Que

T-Rex Bar-B-Que

Low and slow smoked BBQ served in Louisiana-style sandwich (Po'Boy). Meat is smoked over seasonal wood for 12 hours. Our Po'Boy's are served in a fresh French Roll with a selection of our low smoked BBQ (or Cajun Jackfruit for our Vegetarian/Vegan friends), tangy slaw finished with homemade BBQ sauce.


Balls for your mind

Balls for your Mind

Balls for you Mind are a dynamic business making high quality juggling products that teach young and old to get balanced and co-ordinated, with excellent hand eye skills. From juggling balls to diabolos, re-visit simple, fun and energetic play.

Nifty Knick Knacks

Distinctive, unique and stylish giftware pieces for the table or display. We have a wide variety of striking ceramic animal shaped vases, jugs, money boxes, pencil pots and tea candle holders.

Cupcakes & Tiaras Girlswear

Cupcakes & Tiaras Girlswear

At Cupcakes & Tiaras we aspire to bring back the age of innocence, to let kids be kids with our fun and versatile vintage inspired pieces. Our pieces are made with both style and fun in mind.

Oekologie Studios

Accomplished artist Aviva Reed combines with ceramist and designer Patrick Belford to present a unique Natural World Emporium. Meaningful gifts and gallery level objects to purchase and peruse.