A picture of the food from Eat Cannoli

Eat Cannoli

We are Dom and Kate Marzano and we are Eat Cannoli! We handcraft Gluten free artisanal Cannoli using only the best ingredients! We have several flavour sensations including vegan options! We fill all our Cannoli to order right in front of you, so you can enjoy it as fresh as possible!

ChillBro! Paletas

ChillBro! Paletas

At ChillBro Paletas we offer a traditional Mexican Ice cream/Ice Block called a "Paleta" which is made from irresistible creamy and Fruity ingredients. Gluten Free/Natural/No preservatives/100% REAL Fruit/Vegan Options.

Crepes for Change

Crepes for Change

Crêpes for Change is a social enterprise and Australia's first non-profit food truck that reinvests 100% of the proceeds into eliminating youth homelessness in Australia. We serve hand-crafted artisan French crêpes made with love. Each crêpe is available with a base topping such as Nutella or salted caramel, and can be augmented by adding extras such as fresh strawberries or TimTams.

A picture of the food served by Wrap Roll It

Wrap Roll It

Inspired by many trips to our, homeland, Vietnam. Our passion for traditional street food has created WRAP ROLL IT. Wrap Roll It, is all about fresh, tasty ingredients sourced from local farmers.


A picture of flowers from Petal Pop

Petal Pop

A mobile florist bringing handmade, fresh and seasonal posies direct to your local community.

Henna Art

Henna Art

The henna we use is all natural; free from chemicals, dyes, and made fresh for the event. Our pure henna powder is sourced directly from the growers in India and suits all skin types.

The Spice Maze

The Spice Maze offers products from luscious Sri Lanka, our products are produced by the rural farmers and are dried naturally and have no artificial flavours. Our products come directly from the farmers of Sri Lanka to your doorstep. Proceeds of our products will go the rural farmers.

Terrariums by ella

Terrariums by ella

Terrariums by Ella are miniature worlds behind glass telling their own stories. Ella is a plantaholic and is passionate about spreading the word about the positive impact that living with plants can have on us.