A picture of Gourmet Stalls preparing food

Gourmet Stalls

Our Australian Lamb Leg is marinated for 72 hours, cooked in our commercial oven for 10 hours, then BBQ'd and caramelised on site.

A picture of the food from T-Rex Bar-B-Que

T-Rex Bar-B-Que

Low and slow smoked BBQ served in Louisiana-style sandwich (Po'Boy). Meat is smoked over seasonal wood for 12 hours. Our Po'Boy's are served in a fresh French Roll with a selection of our low smoked BBQ (or Cajun Jackfruit for our Vegetarian/Vegan friends), tangy slaw finished with homemade BBQ sauce.

Taki's Balls

Taki's Balls

Taki's Balls is renowned for their hot, made to order doughnut balls on the streets of Melbourne. Served deconstructed, these gorgeous hot balls are draped in your choice of flavours including; melted Nutella garnished with crushed hazelnuts and wafer, melted salted caramel garnished with crushed toffee popcorn or sugar balls rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

Gourmet Pies

Gourmet Pies

Melbourne Top 10 Pie Producers offers 10 variety flavours with sides. All pies are hand made and there are vegetarian options available. We also create our dessert exceptionally well- Pavlova individually dressed in front of your eyes.

A picture of the food from Eat Cannoli

Eat Cannoli

We are Dom and Kate Marzano and we are Eat Cannoli! We handcraft Gluten free artisanal Cannoli using only the best ingredients! We have several flavour sensations including vegan options! We fill all our Cannoli to order right in front of you, so you can enjoy it as fresh as possible!

A picture of The Greek Stops logo

The Greek Stop

The owners of The Greek Stop previously owned Pelagos Greek Tavern and have been serving traditional Greek cuisine since 2002. We specialise in Greek Street Food offering popular items such as Souvlaki with or without Saganaki cheese, as well as Snack Boxes, Saganaki and a variety of other food options.

Pop'd Fresh


Traditional American style popcorn handmade over an open flame and stirred with a wooden paddle.

A picture of the food from Pita This Pita That

Pita This Pita That

At Pita This Pita That we're doing everything we can to make your tastebuds dance and give our home the best possible chance to thrive. How, you ask? We consciously provide delicious and healthy vegan pita pockets, salads and sides in an environmentally conscious way.

Bianco Latte

Our gelato and sorbet (for all our vegan gelato lovers) are made from the highest quality of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients (unless in the exciting event we can source an unmatchable quality of product from its authentic origin, for example, Pistachio imported from Bronte in Sicily, YUM!).

A picture of the food from Shouting Culinary and Culture

Kimu Korean Japanese Eatery

Traditional Japanese fried Chicken skewers. Fried Chicken rice bowl.

A picture of the market stall for Sweets In Bloom Cakes

Sweets In Bloom Cakes

We sell delicious and beautifully-presented sweets and desserts which appeal to individuals of all ages. We sell old school favourites as well as modernised sweets.

A picture of the food served by Wrap Roll It

Wrap Roll It

Inspired by many trips to our, homeland, Vietnam. Our passion for traditional street food has created WRAP ROLL IT. Wrap Roll It, is all about fresh, tasty ingredients sourced from local farmers.

European Barbeque Catering (Turkish Gozleme)

European Barbeque Catering (Turkish Gozleme)

Sizzle, Aroma and Theatre are the main concepts for Turkish Gozleme. The customers do not only eat a delicious traditional Turkish meal but also get a small glimpse of such an old tradition of a unique traditional dish. Cheese, spinach, chicken, lamb and mushrooms are some of many ingredients used in our meals. All our meals are prepared on site by staff who are proudly dressed in traditional Turkish clothing. We believe that our food sizzles while releasing a delicious aroma as the customer get a short glimpse of a traditional way of life Turkish life in the village. To finish we offer a sweet Turkish Delight.

A picture of the Abruzzo Lab market stall

Abruzzo Lab

Italian street food from Abruzzo. We serve salty goodness of lamb and chicken arrosticini, Nutella-filled pizzelle and fiadone cheese puffs.

A picture of the food from Twisted Fisherman

Twisted Fisherman

At Twisted Fisherman we celebrate all there is to love about old school fish and chips. Our strictly local seafood policy and dedication to top quality, market fresh ingredients take this nostalgic dish to new heights. From tempura-battered fish and chips to our much-loved scallop bruschetta with bacon mayonnaise there is a little twist on the menu to fully satisfy any childhood craving or adventurous foodie spirit.

A picture of the market stall for Melbourne Paella Company

Melbourne Paella Company

Gourmet Spanish Food with flair and sizzle - cooked fresh - front and centre for everyone to watch, smell, taste, and experience. Gluten, dairy, and nut-free. Vegan and Halal options included!

A picture of a pizza from SPQR Pizzeria

SPQR Pizzeria

SPQR provides premium quality Neapolitan pizza with a signature sour-dough base showcasing both local and imported ingredients.

Arancini Siciliani

Arancini Siciliani

Arancini are stuffed rice balls which are coated with bread crumbs. They are filled with a meaty, saucy ragu, mozzarella, and peas as well as our vegetarian variety stuffed with mushroom, spinach,feta cheese, sundried tomatoes & pesto! Yum Yum! Our Arancini are lovingly created by hand by our beautiful Sicilian Nonna and her friends.

A picture of the Bao from the BAO Market stall


A bunch of dudes that wanted to bring you simple, delicious, traditional Chinese food turned up with some southern flavours and styles never to be seen before. Bao was created to bring these ideas to life, without overdoing it or overcharging it!

ChillBro! Paletas

ChillBro! Paletas

At ChillBro Paletas we offer a traditional Mexican Ice cream/Ice Block called a "Paleta" which is made from irresistible creamy and Fruity ingredients. Gluten Free/Natural/No preservatives/100% REAL Fruit/Vegan Options.

A picture of the food from Miss Wonton

Miss Wonton( Aust) PTY LTD

Our food is a perfect combination of eastern and western cuisine which is inspired by the traditional Mexican tacos, one of the most favourite street foods in the world.

Crepes for Change

Crepes for Change

Crêpes for Change is a social enterprise and Australia's first non-profit food truck that reinvests 100% of the proceeds into eliminating youth homelessness in Australia. We serve hand-crafted artisan French crêpes made with love. Each crêpe is available with a base topping such as Nutella or salted caramel, and can be augmented by adding extras such as fresh strawberries or TimTams.

A picture of the food from Giant Springs

Giant Springs

We make from scratch, the most delicious, extremely large, easy to eat spring rolls. All our meat is cooked to perfection to create soft, succulent texture and depth of flavour, and our super fresh veges are cut the same day we pick them up from the farm. Our service is super quick and our prices are very affordable.

A picture of the food from Drater Treets

Drater Treets

Authentic Egyptian Falafel. Home made dips and dressings, fermented veg, and fresh salads with toasted flat bread.

Flamin Skewers

Flamin Skewers

Cambodian Street Grill use traditional herbs and spices to marinate beef, chicken and lamb skewers that are then freshly cooked over a charcoal grill. Khmer street food at it's best, simple and easy to eat on the go.

Curly Spuds

Curly Spuds

We only have one food because it is AMAZING. It's gluten and fructose-free and coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and those following a Halal diet can eat it guilt free! Just like our spuds, our seasonings are hand made and delicious. With over 12 seasonings to choose from, there's a flavour for everyone.

A picture of Gourmet Stalls preparing food

Gourmet Stalls

Our Australian Lamb Leg is marinated for 72 hours, cooked in our commercial oven for 10 hours, then BBQ'd and caramelised on site. We serve it atop a salad of lettuce, tomato, feta cheese and balsamic glaze, along with caramelised onions, homemade garlic bread and our beautiful homemade yoghurt, garlic, dill and lemon sauce.

A picture of the Chata Polska market stall

Chata Polska

Chata Polska provides traditional homemade & handmade Polish dumplings - called 'Pierogi' - from which the most famous are pierogi with meat, cottage cheese and potatoes or with cabbage and mushrooms. We follow our Mums' recipes and their passion to cook for big families back in Poland.

A picture of the Mr Softey Ice Cream van

Mr Softey ice cream

We serve a range of different ice creams, from asian flavours like lychee to middle eastern favourites like pistachio and walnut, and the vegan favorite - peanut butter. And for all the Mr. Whippy lovers we do a special classic soft serve, covered with peanuts and lots of sprinkles.

A picture of Rainbow Fairy Floss

Rainbow fairy floss

Fairy Floss scooped on a stick in fun, various and always yummy shapes.

A picture of food from Potato Land

Potato Land

Potato Rösti are a Swiss dish of grated potatoes, formed into a small cake and fried, crispy from the outside and soft inside. I have four different filled Rösti on the menu.