A picture of the food from Miss Wonton

Miss Wonton( Aust) PTY LTD

Our food is a perfect combination of eastern and western cuisine which is inspired by the traditional Mexican tacos, one of the most favourite street foods in the world.

Curly Spuds

Curly Spuds

We only have one food because it is AMAZING. It's gluten and fructose-free and coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and those following a Halal diet can eat it guilt free! Just like our spuds, our seasonings are hand made and delicious. With over 12 seasonings to choose from, there's a flavour for everyone.

A picture of the food served by Wrap Roll It

Wrap Roll It

Inspired by many trips to our, homeland, Vietnam. Our passion for traditional street food has created WRAP ROLL IT. Wrap Roll It, is all about fresh, tasty ingredients sourced from local farmers.

A picture of the market stall for Sweets In Bloom Cakes

Sweets In Bloom Cakes

We sell delicious and beautifully-presented sweets and desserts which appeal to individuals of all ages. We sell old school favourites as well as modernised sweets.


A picture of the wares from Beauvue


BEAUVUE offers a unique mix of design and craftsmanship, specialising in Tea-light, Votive, and Pillar Holders/Plates, including styles for Hurricanes, Lanterns, Hangings, Wall Sconces and Feast Platters. We take pride in selling our products at an excellent value and always hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.

Tara Treasures

Tara Treasures

Our main products are felt products that are designed locally by us and then realised ethically in Fair-Trade cottages in Nepal.

Cupcakes & Tiaras Girlswear

Cupcakes & Tiaras Girlswear

At Cupcakes & Tiaras we aspire to bring back the age of innocence, to let kids be kids with our fun and versatile vintage inspired pieces. Our pieces are made with both style and fun in mind.

A picture of the Lowglo Luminaires

Lowglo Luminaires

Lowglo Luminaires designs and manufactures low voltage accent lighting in the form of various flora and fauna. Inspired by the creations of the natural world, we attempt to replicate the simplicity, yet intricacy, beauty of Nature.