A picture of the market stall for Sweets In Bloom Cakes

Sweets In Bloom Cakes

We sell delicious and beautifully-presented sweets and desserts which appeal to individuals of all ages. We sell old school favourites as well as modernised sweets.

Crepes for Change

Crepes for Change

Crêpes for Change is a social enterprise and Australia's first non-profit food truck that reinvests 100% of the proceeds into eliminating youth homelessness in Australia. We serve hand-crafted artisan French crêpes made with love. Each crêpe is available with a base topping such as Nutella or salted caramel, and can be augmented by adding extras such as fresh strawberries or TimTams.

Flamin Skewers

Flamin Skewers

Cambodian Street Grill use traditional herbs and spices to marinate beef, chicken and lamb skewers that are then freshly cooked over a charcoal grill. Khmer street food at it's best, simple and easy to eat on the go.

A picture of the food from T-Rex Bar-B-Que

T-Rex Bar-B-Que

Low and slow smoked BBQ served in Louisiana-style sandwich (Po'Boy). Meat is smoked over seasonal wood for 12 hours. Our Po'Boy's are served in a fresh French Roll with a selection of our low smoked BBQ (or Cajun Jackfruit for our Vegetarian/Vegan friends), tangy slaw finished with homemade BBQ sauce.


Fancy Schmancy Apples

Fancy Schmancy Apple

Our Fancy Schmancy Apple is no ordinary apple. We dip a fresh apple into our handmade salted caramel, coat with smooth chocolate and finish off with fancy toppings (Sprinkles, Chocolate Swishes, Roasted Peanut, Pistachio Nut Trinity, Organic Coconut, Almond, etc). We have vegan Fancy Schmancy Oranges and Funky Fruit too.

Bask Aromatherapy

Bask Aromatherapy

Bask aromatherapy was inspired by a desire to re-create that 'day spa' feeling at home and launched in 2014. Plant based botanicals gently blended with carefully selected pure essential oils to nourish and nurture even the most sensitive skin. The Founder is a Coburg Aromatherapist. Australian made and owned.

A picture of Saori Premium Japanese Sauce at the market stall

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce, based in Melbourne, is 100% homemade and uses high quality ingredients and recipes to give them their authentic flavours.

A picture of The Glitter Tribe products

The Glitter Tribe

The Glitter Tribe, for the dreamers and wild at heart. Wear their biodegradable glitter and face jewels to festivals, parties and fabulous days out. Join the tribe, and sparkle on.